Every 8th ride to/from the airport with 50% discount

How to get Your 50% discount for the ride to/from the airport?

First time You drive with us to/from the airport, You get a stamp card from our chauffeur.

For each ride to/from the airport,You get one stamp on Your card.

When You collect 7 stamps,Your next ride is with 50% of discount.

Please,let us know about your 50% discount. Next time You order your ride online,please select "50% discount" as a method of payment.

Attention: If You skip this step, our chauffeur will not accept Your 50% discount.

When our chauffeur comes to pick You up, please show him Your card and You will get both the 50% discount for a ride and the new card.


* One card with 7 stamps=One ride with 50% discount

* 50% discount can be used only for the rides within the city of Vienna

* Additional address is not included in the discount

* 50% discount is for the type of vehicle You had mostly ordered. For example:
If you ordered normal taxi 4 times and mini-van 3 times,then this 50% discount will be available for normal taxi.

* Card owners get new stamp only if they are drivinig in the taxi

* Card can't be used by third party

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